New Project Big Success

Thanks to everyone who signed up to help deliver food to the residents in Berkley Village in partnership with the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank.  We had such an overwhelming response to this project, including 7 new volunteers, [...]

We Need Your Help

As a volunteer lead and run organization there are many ways to serve without lifting a paintbrush or hammer.  You can contribute even if you can’t make it out to one of our events.  We currently have several needs that are [...]

World Homeless Day

Join Serve the City worldwide as we recognize the global problem of homelessness on October 10, 2020 to mark the 10th anniversary of World Homeless Day.  Since its founding, World Homeless Day has been observed on every [...]

Kindness Starts With Me

The theme for Serve the City around the world this year is the idea that kindness starts with an individual – me.  But who is “me”?  Our 4th Big Volunteer Week helped answer that question.  “Me” is a two-year old who brought [...]

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