STC Peninsula Core Team Retreat

It takes a Core Team to build a great non-profit. Currently, Serve the City Peninsula operates solely as a volunteer run organization and I am thrilled to have a wonderful team to support Serve the City here on the Peninsula. In the past 6 years we have grown from 482 volunteers and 36 projects when we started in March of 2017 to 1619 volunteers and 117 projects in 2022. We are on a course to far exceed these numbers in 2023. Numbers are great, but the most wonderful benefit are the lives we have touched and loved. At the Retreat, we did a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats analysis and evaluated where we are in our 5-year Strategic Plan. My favorite part, is that each of these Core Team members signed up to take on a critical role.

So, let me introduce the Serve the City Peninsula Core Team to you:

Sue Grimes is our Project Coordinator and has worn that hat and many others since we started in 2017. Cathy Zimeras is now on her team and I can’t wait to see the growth in the number and types of projects they will add on the Peninsula. Handymen Jim Ide and John Perkins have joined the team to lead the home repair projects.

Pam Cooke & Christy Sutton will move us into a new era as we move to a dedicated volunteer management system from Helper Helper as our Volunteer Coordinators. They will manage the system and take good care of our volunteers. There is still room for you!

Tansy Perkins and Joey Banta will take over Event Planning. There is room for you in this area as well.

Allen Kemp is our Prayer Coordinator. He could use a couple of more volunteers in this area. We need someone to take on the role of Care Coordinator, creating a team to care for the residents we have served.

Katie Bowersox is our Christopher Newport University STC Club president extraordinaire. She has grown the club to 200 members in just one year. If you want to start a STC club in your school, please see Katie.

Dave Hahne is hanging in there as our Communications and Fundraising Coordinator. We desperately need to replace him in these areas so that he can focus more on Serve the City International.

Geri Holden will be part of the Pray team, Fundraising Team, and help me with other responsibilities.

Each of these roles could use more volunteers to do the job well. Do you want to do more to promote kindness? Join our team!

Cindy Hahne

Executive Director/Serve the City Peninsula

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