Kindness Starts With Me

The theme for Serve the City around the world this year is the idea that kindness starts with an individual – me.  But who is “me”?  Our 4th Big Volunteer Week helped answer that question.  “Me” is a two-year old who brought some smiles and giggles to our volunteers on our last, hot day of projects.  “Me” is a 70-ish man who had knee replacement surgery this past year but still wants to show kindness.  “Me” is a retired meat packing plant employee living in the neighborhood in which we serve.  “Me” is a couple of military women looking to give something back to the community they find themselves in.  “Me” is a teenage boy and his younger brother joining their grandmother to serve the community she lives in.  In other words, “me” can be anybody, from anywhere, no matter their age, race, or socio-economic status.

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