July 30th is World Day Against Human Trafficking

When you think of human trafficking you probably think of third world countries or anywhere but here.  But the truth is that there were over 11,000 reported cases of human trafficking in the United States in 2019 and while Virginia may no longer be one of the leading areas (we were ranked 6th in active cases in 2018) we still have our share.  And Hampton Roads is a hot spot for trafficking because of its large military presence, tourism, and easy access to major highways which makes transport of victims easier.

The UN has declared July 30th as World Day Against Human Trafficking.  Serve the City Peninsula, and Serve the City as a worldwide movement, recognizes the importance of this focus and encourages our volunteers to collaborate with or share information about organizations that work to raise awareness to human trafficking, combat human trafficking, and aid the victims of human trafficking. Below are links to local organizations where you can learn more about this issue and volunteer to make a difference.

Virginia Beach Justice Initiative

Samaritan House

The Butterfly House

ImPACT Virginia


National Human Trafficking Hotline

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