Thank You From Operation Breaking Through

To the Leadership and Volunteers of Serve the City:

In the midst of an exceptionally challenging year, Serve the City has been a true blessing in its support of our mission to meet the needs of our clients. Our facility at 330 Poplar Avenue was in desperate need of an external makeover to make it more attractive, warm and inviting to those arriving to receive food.

Serve the City and its team of eager and loving volunteers came in large numbers and removed the overgrowth vegetation that had engulfed the front and sides of the building. They also scraped and removed the old paint from the porch, front awning, doors and brick foundation. Then they took the time to put on fresh coats of paint AND rebuilt the stairs to the porch to ensure it met code and were safe for our volunteers and clients. What blessed me most is hearing the volunteers asks what else needed to be done! The volunteers seemed to be so friendly, nice and full of joy. We want to give a special thanks to the team of volunteers from Ferguson. The group of nearly all female volunteers were amazing and took great pride in the quality of their work.

Please know that this work has meant so much to Operation Breaking Through and the team of volunteers at 330 Poplar Avenue. It has lifted their spirits and helped them realize that there are people who truly care about the work they are doing to make a difference. AND, we have gotten a ton of compliments on how good the building looks from the clients and it has attracted even more clients to this location. God Bless Serve the City for the heart you have for our community.

Tim Davidson
Chairman and Executive Director – Operation Breaking Through

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