STC International Forum Goes Virtual

COVID has forced all of us to do things different for the past 7-8 months and it is know different for the Serve the City International Forum.  This global gather of city leaders and other volunteers is a highlight of a movement that is now truly worldwide and we’re not letting a little thing like a pandemic get in the way. Plans, however, have adjusted to make the 2020 Forum (October 22-25) fit into the reality many of us find ourselves in and instead of meeting in Krakow, Poland the Forum is going virtual.

What this means is that in 2020 anyone, from anywhere can easily and inexpensively attend!  Here on the Peninsula we are going to register as a group and whomever would like to part of this unique experience can join from the there own living room.  Most programming will be on the 23rd and 24th, you can find more details clicking here.  If you would like to either part or all of the Forum please send and email to:

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